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Always, when you think about the occlusion.
Always, when you think about the articulation paper.

There are several studies by for ex Dr. Robert Kerstein, that tell you undebiably, that a human eye with coloured paper, any waxes or other previous methods of analysing bite, cannot measure timing and bite forces in human bite function. As you cannot measure temperature outside by putting your hand out from the window, you cannot measure anything with just a piece of paper and colour.



You need T-Scan:

- all prosthetic works
- implant prosthetics
- occlusal analysis
- occlusal equilibration
- orthodontics
- sensitive teeth: sensitive teeth can be caused by the imbalanced occlusion
- patient has often a fractured or broken teeth
- periodontal pockets: some pockets can be caused by the occlusion
- occlusal splint: T-Scan helps identify areas where the splint needs adjustment to ensure that device is fitted properly
- patient chewing food only right or left side
- patient says one of the teeth feels too high: you get the problem solved faster and more accurately
- occlusal therapy and bite physiology for analysing bite as a  function  and make it properly functional taking care of both timing in central occlusion and excursions, including DTR (disclusion time reduction therapy) and bite forces
- patient has a headaches, neck and shoulder problems or facial pain: these can be caused by the imbalanced occlusion
- dental case finishing